Piazza San Carlo as the Floodlights Come On at Dusk, Turin

Travel Postcard – From Genoa to Turin

After a light breakfast at the Hotel Soana I set out to explore a bit more of Genoa at a more leisurely pace than the previous day’s wanderings in the old town.  I strolled to the north of the Old Town and found the lift up to the panoramic viewpoint over the city at Castelletto, […]

National Museum of the Italian Risorgimento in Palazzo Carignano

Travel Postcard – A Morning in Turin

Night had already fallen the previous evening by the time I’d arrived on the TGV from Paris and checked in to my hotel, so there was no chance of a dusk photo shoot, but after a bite to eat I wandered round the clean and spacious floodlit squares in the centre of Turin to get […]

Fountain in Place des Vosges

Travel Postcard – Lunch in Paris…

A cheap flight to Pisa would probably have been the quickest way to start off my recent trip to the Cinque Terre on Italy’s lovely Ligurian coast, but as it was a birthday trip I wanted to do something a bit special and opted for travelling overland by train, which has always been my favourite […]