April Food Shoots Roundup

As I said in my Food Images and Galleries post at the start of the month, I’ve been turning my hand to adding to my collection of food images on Alamy during the lockdown.  Rather than post a Last Week’s Shoot blog for each shoot, I thought I’d just have a summary of some of […]

Food Images and Galleries

There’s only so much re-visiting of keywording on Alamy that one can do during the lockdown and I wanted to keep producing new imagery every week, so my kitchen has become my studio and I’ve been concentrating on adding more food images to my small collection. I’m concentrating mainly on food ingredients, trying to make […]

Slice of Freshly Baked Warm Wholemeal Bread with Butter

Last Week’s Shoot – Bread!

Following my previous food shoot which was quite fruitful (no pun intended) and, more importantly, following a large grocery delivery I decided to set up camp in the kitchen again for a morning last week and make a few more images. Having exhausted the new supply of ingredients I turned my attention to processes, starting […]

Brown Free Range Egg and Tablespoon in a Glass Bowl

Last Week’s Shoot – Food!

With a biting wind outside I was looking for something close to home to shoot last week and eventually settled for possibly the easiest location – my kitchen!  Nice and warm and with easy access to the kettle for a cup of tea…   I have covered food subjects before, though I’m not that interested […]